Many businesses use the word integrity freely in their corporate
statements. PLC Programming Services applies the word to its true
meaning. We are committed to a strict moral and/or ethical code. That is
doing the best job at the best of our ability. We believe in taking that
extra mile to make sure the system is running as expected. To add the
extras if it will make the operator's job easier or improve production cost.
It’s simply giving the customer what he paid for; our work will prove our
worth. It’s these values that kept us in business since 1995.
We are not an engineering firm that can provide an array of engineering
disciplines used to design and install projects. We are professional
independent Electrical Engineers and Programmers that work
hand – in – hand with other contractors under the direction of a project
manager. Many companies want to deal with the least amount of
contractors; making the mistake of letting the engineering firms provide
the programming. Why is this a mistake?
Consider the following facts:
The Cost.
All engineering firms have an overhead. The rule of thumb is
a 33% markup on what they pay their engineers. Some of
their clients will have a ceiling on what they are allowed to
charge per engineering discipline. The engineering firm will
then employ anyone willing to work for less. THEY WILL NOT
LOWER THEIR MARKUP! The client, therefore, gets either an
inexperienced or inefficient engineer that will struggle
throughout the project. These engineering firms will protect
themselves by having a seasoned professional engineer on
staff that will overlook and correct the designs made by
inexperience before it goes to construction. Separate from
the other engineering disciplines, the programmer is
responsible to gather the process and control information
and transform it into logical code. This is a major problem
when the programmer is inexperienced. It’s impossible to
overlook and/or check the programmer as the code is being
written and is usually too late before any correction can be
made. This can affect the schedules, startup, process
performance, even the success of the project.

The Schedule.
During the erection of the project certain functions must be
completed before others functions can be started. For
example, equipment must be in place before the piping and
electrical cables be connected. It is well known, therefore,
that the programmer is the last person on the project putting
the finishing touches in place. This is not the time for
inexperience; a seasoned professional is required to get the
system on-line. We at PLC Programming can provide the
experience and leadership needed at all stages through the
entire project.

The Success.
Naturally all the engineering disciplines involved contribute
to a project’s success.  But when the system is handed over
to production and the operator is in control, it’s the graphic
interface that he relies on. If this interface does not give him
the information that he needs or the ability to make
corrections to the process easily, the worth of the entire
project will be jeopardized. Another words the installation
can be a successful, but if the system is not user friendly the
entire project can suffer because of poor programming
Engineering firms are here to stay and are needed when putting together
a project. But when it comes to controls leave the programming to us.
We will work with the engineering firms from concept to completion and
guarantee a successful system. By keeping control over your
programming needs, you can receive the experience and management
that your project needs at a fraction of the cost.

We can submit our Programmers Resume or Clients References upon
There is no project too small or too large when it comes to controls.

  • Electrical Engineering Consulting
  • Plant Automation
  • PLC Programming
  • PC based Control Systems Programming
  • SCADA and HMI Configuration
  • MMI Stations Configuration
  • Instrumentation
  • Calibration